Sunday, February 6, 2011

Legendary Beasts

Oh man, I used to hate trying to capture the Legendary Beasts in the second generation games! I always used to try to capture suicune with an ultra ball and then Entei or Raikou with the masterball, but once I wasted that I could never capture the last remaining one of the three =[. Did any of you ever capture all three, if so how did you guys manage to do it? Also, Silver, Gold, Or Crystal? =D


  1. Lmfao I love this webcomic. Check out It's funny too and mostly about video game macho men reintegrating into sociey.

  2. gotta love pokemon, except the new ones. its all about the old school red/blue :D

  3. Mannnnnn I laughed so hard at that comic. But I nostalgia'd a lot also.

    I used to just go after them for the music, in Crystal that is, because it was just so awesome.